First, we must grow sustainable thought processes! Just like the business theory, but in this section we talk specifically about our personal habits and philosophy, and work on our philosophical view of everything- yes, EVERYTHING! The foundation for everything is ourselves, so personal development is the key to success in all areas- including the ultimate success of just plain being happy. (Technically, the personal development must come before the business development– but that aspect will cycle around Naturally).

Some of the key conversation topics include:

  • Integrating sustainable life into a modern world
  • Higher power views
  • Basic human drive components including food, shelter, and reproduction
  • Conquering VS nurturing mindsets
  • Cyclical thought VS linear mindset
  • Future of our species
  • Life changing events
  • The Natural challenge of life and death (the “hatchery fish” talk)
  • Separating from words and written language

By discussing these topics (and more) we enable ourselves to embrace healthy, sustainable mindsets that enable us to intelligently embrace and overcome our challenges.

Group and individual workshops are available and specifically formatted for each entity. Please call for a more dynamic overview!