“Personal Development” is a huge buzzword in today’s time, and it’s a VERY powerful thing to be intentional about. However, it’s critical to note that we can’t really have personal development without natural development. In fact, NOTHING is separate from natural development. We must become aware of its presence because acknowledging it is highly beneficial and denying it is absolutely detrimental. The word “development” in this context implies intention toward positive growth, but since natural processes don’t ever stop, a lack of acknowledgment or disregard for them means that whatever development may be happening, it is happening in a way that is not in line with an individual’s overall well-being or intention. Nature doesn’t translate good intentions—that’s just a human perpetuated delusion. Ultimately, we MUST cognitively recognize natural processes as the foundation for ALL processes and go from there. In other words, if your big picture goals aren’t in line with the survival of the planet as a whole, then there is no foundation for your personal development. THERE IS NO SEPARATION OF NATURE AND NURTURE. – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 7-7-19

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