When looking for people to “understand” us, we also have to realize that we can’t all understand the same things at the same time. Although common threads are found throughout the human experience, we tend to recognize these truths at different times on our journeys or at different points of reflection on our journeys. Recognize the difference between wanting to be understood at a certain time and expecting others to understand us at that point as well. One could say this expectation is an entitlement issue, or that the expectation that everyone should easily understand each other’s individual place reflects the exact lack of awareness of others that is seen from inside one’s self. The common threads of humanity are fairly bold and, in fact, so “in our faces” that the line between individual beings is actually quite hard to see. For this reason, it may sometimes appear that everyone is on the same page. And, in a way, we are; but that page is simply the page of being human, not the self-centered page of the ego. Our personal path is so insignificant when beheld next to the scope of the path of our species as a whole, yet the balance is in the fact that finding our own true path as an individual is exactly what supports our species as a whole. Understanding the fluidity of concepts and disengaging from preconceived ideas are good practices to implement in their own right as we seek to uncover our individual journeys.  – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 9/23/21

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