DISENGAGING FROM LINEAR MINDSET (Some Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual connections)

When the Mental aspect of a human is not grown well, the first aspect that is affected is the Spiritual. The Spiritual part of the human feels the effects of a degenerated mind that has chosen to ignore the myriad clues that the Spiritual world has provided. However, the Spiritual aspect is also the most dynamic part of the human. Those in tune with their Spiritual aspect have sensed that something is not quite right with this troublesome segment of the population for a long time. The glitch has become more and more easily identifiable with the passing of time, sometimes even manifesting itself in obviously faulty thought processes. The spiritual human has seen this mental neglect of the Spiritual aspect compound over time. I know I’ve seen it in my lifetime, and I’ve seen evidence that others have pointed to throughout history. The thing is, in a natural world, we pay attention to EVERYTHING. No sense of energy is neglected; no small hint of an idea is subjugated into the “not important” category to be forever ignored by the human mind. To be in tune with everything is the natural and correct way to be human. The key to a sustainable human existence—meaning, the key to overall wellbeing—is to strive to develop this unseen connection. It is the only way to grow, literally. Our species only grows through the acknowledgment and pursuit of the outer limits of our understanding, by not putting self-imposed limits on our ways of growth. It should be very clear to everyone by now that if we do not grow in a natural way, by observing natural processes without interpretation or prejudice, then our species will fail. This is a FACT. Henry CrowDog said, “You must have a deep Spiritual connection with the Earth.” He’s right. It’s more than a matter of being happy, enlightened, or any other new age buzzword—it is a fact of life for the human species. We need to mentally acknowledge this and give our spirituality the same attention we give our physical attributes. We need to recognize all 4 aspects of the human make up. The Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual are all interconnected, just as we are connected with everything around us. NATURE DOES NOT TRANSLATE OUR WILL OR INTENTIONS—WE EITHER UNDERSTAND THE CORE NATURAL LAWS OF BEING HUMAN OR OUR SPECIES FAILS.  – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 4/4/19

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