Think about the average right amount of energy to put into your words. If we don’t put enough thought into expressing our feelings through words, then (of course) our feelings go unrecognized. However, if our words are constantly overladen with extra emotion, then there is no room for further expression when we really need it. In general, it seems that simply creating awareness of how dynamic humans are by adding a little extra inflection in common conversation is effective. But I often see people overuse this technique and fail to leave themselves (and those around them) with enough emotional padding to utilize in communication. This lack of emotional padding (or “emotional well-being stockpile”) manifests itself in a similar way as when not enough emotion is used and the frustration of not being recognized is triggered with less negative stimuli than expected. It’s important to remember that words can’t actually hold ALL of our emotion. They can only help us explain and examine ourselves. As important as it is to use words for expression, the natural laws of Balance tell us it’s just as important to make sure that we’re completely comfortable in silence as well. Cognitively, we should understand that words are A communication tool but not THE ONLY communication tool. To put it another way, DON’T SUBORDINATE YOUR ENTIRE BEING BEHIND STATIC WORDS! We are dynamic beings who are constantly growing. Words represent ideas about being human, but they don’t/can’t truly embody us as a whole. As satisfying as good, deep conversation is, there is also deep non-verbal communication, which is where our verbal conversation is supposed to lead us back to at the end of the day…or at the end of the conversation. 😉  – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 6/5/20

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