Hi! Thanks for stopping by this page. I always look at the “About” page to get a feel for the people behind the business. After all, the core of any business is made up of people, right? Here’s my story:

MY BIZ GUIDE started because, after many consults, it was apparent that most consultants (95%) didn’t get a feel for where my business was in my particular industry, or, they didn’t explain any theory behind why we do what we do. Overwhelmingly, the feedback given was regurgitated basic business information and identified “problems” but no real help in providing solutions. However, my own consulting path had already begun to emerge from simply helping other friends with their business ventures. Even the few business consultants retained suggested that I get serious about consulting. Explaining how all the moving parts of business interact is something I’m both thorough and efficient at – So here we are!

The basis for the MY BIZ GUIDE program is predicated on the idea that business skills are really human development skills critical to the survival of our species. You see, before there were beads, pelts, or printed currency used to represent value, people were developing business skills in the form of communication, leadership, team building, and process development. Along with the vital bridging of cultures component, these factors are what have enabled us to survive so far.  Now, we need to re-embrace these skills in order to provide a healthy and sustainable business landscape for the future, and indeed, the entire future of humanity.

“It’s my goal to tap into that inner business person and to build the bridge that leads to a sustainable present-day business practice.” – Kraig Smyth


To be concise, the reason the MyBizGuide programs work is because we connect the client to their own internal desire to do business. Once this connection is made, a cyclical teaching curriculum weaves together business theory and process. The result is an engaged client that leaves our program re-ignited with a real passion for business. Hunt> Gather> TRADE!