A good business consultant will help identify gaps or weaknesses in the program (or part of program) and make sure all the parts of the program are prioritized and working smoothly together. Once that is done, fine tuning specific aspects such as target market evaluation, product line analysis, consistent marketing campaign concepts, or prepping a business for fundraising or exit can begin.

Below are some examples of MY BIZ GUIDE services, but please feel free to call and ask if there’s something you don’t see or have a specific question regarding anything at all. Every service is available both verbally coached and/or written.  (See Terms and Definitions)

  • Start-up
  • Product development
  • Target market analysis
  • Market analysis (Industry trends)
  • Marketing (Campaign development and platform analysis)
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Social media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword development
  • Business plans
  • Fundraising
  • Exit strategy

Business Development Workshops
Personal Development Workshops
Business Development Workshops


Engaging Business (Perfect for Start-up and Small Biz)– Business made simple with this beginning/refresher workshop – which is also exactly what many seasoned business people need to put things back in perspective and get a fresh view. Starting with sustainable business philosophy interwoven with basic business concepts and easy to understand goals and steps, we can show almost anyone how to build their own effective business model. Did you catch that last part? We don’t just show you what to, we show you how to understand what we’re showing you. Easily modified to fit youth and underserved groups too!

Inmate entrepreneurship– The truth is that many people have solid working business knowledge gained from their involvement with illegal services or products. Simply relating to an individual that they have legitimate business skills and what the common terms for these skills are can be an excellent mental edge for someone wanting to try a different Path on their next steps in Life. After creating this basic awareness, other engaging business philosophy coupled with hard skills is introduced to the client so they can get back to business (*Preferably legal business)

Re-engaging Business workshop- The reason the MyBizGuide programs work is because we connect the client to their own Natural internal desire to do business. Once this connection is made, a cyclical teaching and learning curriculum weaves together business theory and process so that the client leaves our program fully engaged with a refreshed enthusiasm for what it means to be in business today. (Designed for maximum de-stress AND increased efficiency through plain understanding of sustainable business theory, we’re not going to the woods and disengaging- we’re going to woods and re-engaging!) BRING THE LAPTOPS, CELL PHONES, AND WHITEBOARDS TO WI-FI EQUIPPED LUXURY CABINS AND RE-IGNITE YOUR PASSION FOR BUSINESS!

Personal Development Workshops


Identifying mental roads and building new paths around them- Using the foundation practice of “Think about what you’re thinking about” to identify bottlenecks in the human thought process. The words commonly known as money, God, and love are all examined as well as the English language itself. (..and ALIENS!!!)

Understanding “Spiritulogic”- How common sense can build connections between the Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of being human. (Logic- it works if we work it)

The Business of Being Human- You’ve all heard me say “The other benefits of business” and that “Business is an integral part of our species development”, right? Well, the balance to those observations is that we can reverse engineer business theory into highly effective personal development practices. Hunt> Gather> Trade> GROW!