In my opinion, a wellness site would be incomplete without a good Resource Center. Some information has been written by myself, and some by others- but all with the intent of helping everyone understand the theories, processes, and hard skills that form the core of any business venture.

Educational Materials

Consider this a virtual office lobby where clients can peruse a variety of cutting edge wellness literature from a variety of noted wellness educators. The masses of information have been pre-sorted for you with this list of what I believe are some of the very best books, magazines, and websites.

Sad Guru – Eckhart Tolle



Inmate Entreprenuership

One Bag at a Time – Litter Collection

Our contribution to this life is not limited solely to our physical presence

Recent Articles


Having a solid comprehension of Natural cycles and balancing factors will greatly reduce your stress and increase your peacefulness. If you’re stressed because so many things don’t “make sense”, understand that we can’t judge everything or foresee how the Universe teaches us. All lessons

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