About Kraig

FORMAL: Hi. I’m Kraig, and I’m an avid student of Life. During my personal segment of Life, I’ve also been what many would call an avid “outdoorsman”. I’ve been involved with the sportfishing industry from a relatively young age and had a fishing lure manufacturing business for 12 years. I’ve also been involved with forestry and arboriculture since I was 17, and, in what may seem like an odd addition to the list- there are a few projects in the apparel industry that are still in various stages of development. Along with my business career, lots of fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, archery, and cooking have been done! I have a deep Love, respect, and appreciation for Nature. I acknowledge that being part of this beautiful Planet is an amazing honor, opportunity, and responsibility and do my best to reflect those acknowledgments in both thought and action.

I have been an active business consultant since 2014 and a wellness advocate since I was about 15 but just started getting serious about growing my passion for human development into a contemporary format and presenting it to others outside my immediate circle.

LESS FORMAL: Passing on notes from my personal wellness journey and observations in Nature from both my own experience and observations from the fields of contemporary science, business, and psychology. Where does personal development and contemporary society as a whole come together? Actually, where does Business and Spirituality meet? That question was swimming around in my being for many years. Both of these facets had always been present, Loved, and growing in me but, wow… I sure didn’t see how they fit together. It seems they were just so far apart- until one meditation session in 2014 brought everything full circle and revealed to me “The Business Of Being Human”.

For many years it seemed my “business side” and my “Spiritual side” where at opposite ends of the spectrum. I now realize that’s because I had contemporary Western society’s delusions of both stuck in my head. Whoops… Anyway, after many years of growing both facets individually, they finally met, and, guess what? They got along perfectly!

This “Business Of Being Human” platform, is a culmination of my Life’s Path. It’s the best way I can conceive to facilitate these conversations that are so beneficial to our well-being. Let’s help each other grow!

What’s My Biz Guide

Why “MyBizGuide?

The name “My Biz Guide” is a combination of “My biz” as in how my personal development/wellness is my most important business. The “Guide” part is how we have people around us that are familiar with the landscape – like a mountaineering guide. It also reflects an update to the contemporary term “life coach” in that a “life guide” is what I see as having a more holistic approach to helping our friends in their personal development/wellness journey.

“Disengage From Linear Mindset”, “Hatchery Fish Lessons”, and “Finding Optimism” are all part of the “Cognitive Growth and Healing” learning modalities that allow us to understand the common denominators of Life, the nuances of our species, and the intricacies that make up the individual. Just like it sounds, focusing on the cognitive alignment of ourselves within the scope of Life itself is the main theme here. It’s amazing how simply reviewing the common building blocks of Natural Law can re-create the openness within us that leads to sustainable well-being. This “7th grade science” or “Natural Biology” is so simple to understand yet seems to be glossed over and forgotten by contemporary society. On that note, it needs be said that we don’t switch information modalities like we’d upgrade new cars. We ADD to our knowledge base, never forgetting the foundation- that is exactly the explanation of the “thought process pyramid”. But all this is just a quick sample of what we’re about.

Growth, healing, and general well-being. “Thinking about what we’re thinking about” will get us where we need to be. Logic works if you work it and yes, it supports ALL aspects of healthy Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Life. So, that’s what we’re about!

How it Works

To be concise, the reason the MyBizGuide programs work is because we connect the client to their own internal desire for wellness. Once this connection is made, a cyclical teaching curriculum weaves together wellness theory and process. The result is an engaged client that leaves our program re-ignited with a real passion for wellness.

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