Historically, business as we know it—trade in general—has positively influenced the growth of the human species and has been intrinsically tied to human development. Business and trade have encouraged the facilitation of such fundamental building blocks of human development as teamwork, leadership, process development, communication, bridging of cultures, and understanding of value. The workshops on this page approach The Business of Being Human from two complementary perspectives—that of personal wellness and that of corporate wellness. Whichever of these you choose to begin with, the idea is to bridge the gap that exists in contemporary society between the business-centric and the human-centric. Ultimately, you will end up in the same place by growing a positive habitat that encourages the wellness of personal, social, environmental, and economic health.

Corporate Wellness

Unfortunately, most of the time when people are experiencing corporate burnout, it isn’t because they are putting in super long hours—it is because they don’t feel like they are a part of anything important; they don’t feel any bigger picture connection. The Corporate Wellness workshops on this page provide tools based on fundamentals of business and trade to help us align with a purpose greater than ourselves to achieve a better sense of being.

At its most basic, business is about creating something of value and exchanging it for something of fair compensation. If an entity is taking something of value without giving fair compensation, then that entity is merely using this definition as a guise to plunder. In the modern business landscape, which may appear to be dominated by plunderers, the most sustainable companies are in fact those that have a triple bottom-line centric culture (meaning they are conscious of the sustainability of life, and of their social, economic, and environmental impact). These companies make sure they generate enough printed currency to sustain their own viability. But they also make sure their waste output is in a place to sustain planetary viability and that their ethics allow the individuals involved to sustain their personal viability and maintain fair trade relationships.

It doesn’t take a lot of people to change a company’s culture into one that supports human development and planetary sustainability. At Mybizguide we know that people in the business world are the best distribution channel for these changes because people are the foundation of business. These Corporate Wellness workshops are aimed at realigning the average businessperson with the fundamentals of business that date back to a pre-consumerist, pre-mass commoditization, pre-disposable era when people were engaging in trade in ways that were inextricably linked to human development as a whole. They urge us to invest the same kind of energy, import, and intention into our personal wellness as we would into the wellness of any entrepreneurial or professional venture.

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Personal Wellness

In contemporary society, our actions do not necessarily reflect that we truly understand/acknowledge the foundational truths of life on this planet. Of course, we function better when aligning with an understanding that water is life, but we don’t act like it. We need clean air, but we don’t act like it; we need clean soil, but we don’t act like it. We depend on trees for breath, but we don’t act like it. Our actions reveal a lack of integrity and respect. This is an obvious cognitive disconnect, and where there is a disconnect, there is no growth.

Cognitive growth and healing means making sure that, on a personal level, our thoughts align with our actions, and that we have thoughts that can be applied to actionable items and implemented into our wellness program. At Mybizguide, we believe the first step in personal wellness is resolving our cognitive disconnects with the positive aspects of business in its traditional sense. The Business of Being Human is about rebuilding good relationships with the concepts behind the words “work” and “serious.” Then we can approach our personal wellness with the same energy, import, and intention that we would approach any entrepreneurial or professional venture.

The Personal Wellness workshops on this page are about implementing easy to understand ideas to align us in our development. Through the use of meditations, growth concepts, and cognitive tips and tricks, we can gain a better understanding of the foundations of natural law (such as cycles, ebb and flow, and the challenge of life or death) and how it is connected to everything we do on a human-centric plane. The bottom line is: everything works symbiotically on this planet. If we work to the benefit of the planet, then we’ll be better off. If we don’t, everything will be better off without us.


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