Business Development

Welcome to the MY BIZ GUIDE business consulting and personal development website. My specialty is explaining how different parts of a business interface together in a cohesive, sustainable way and how our life philosophies function in a similar manner. By understanding how business philosophy and theories relate to actual processes, you will exponentially increase the effectiveness of your leadership. Marketing, branding, website development, business plans, fundraising, and the big overview of “process development and implementation” are some common key topics most people find valuable when working with MY BIZ GUIDE.

What’s different about the MY BIZ GUIDE consulting service is that I actually teach the client how to become a better overall business person while fulfilling specific goals- not just tell them what to do. By teaching in a method that embraces Natural learning, the client has a better retention and implementation of information. For example, by tapping into the instinctual need to recognize Natural patterns in order to gather food, we can use an analogy like this: Learn the behavior of our target market (fish) and the patterns of the industry landscape (water) in order to find the proper product or service (lure) and marketing campaign (presentation). Also, by crafting a brand that reflects the business culture and target market, we further maximize the productivity of a business by addressing the human component. Using a cyclical teaching method, the use of theory and practical application align with a person’s natural learning process and enables a more effective business adventure.

As you see here on the MY BIZ GUIDE home page, my consulting style is aligned with branding and the basic practice of establishing who we are, what we do, how we help the client, and how we’re different from the competition.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about the MY BIZ GUIDE program- Hope to hear from you soon! Kraig

Long before printed currency and mass commodification, TRADE was the fire that fueled communication, teamwork, leadership, process development, and maybe the most import in today’s world- the bridging of cultures. Now commonly referred to as “business”, the ancient practice of “trade” is both a portal into the past and gateway to the future.

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