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HELP! I’m stuck in the world of contemporary business and I can’t get out! I feel used, burnt out, unfulfilled, and worst of all—TRAPPED! If this sounds familiar, then consider the lessons from My Biz Guide your first step away from burn out and into wellness. Unfortunately, there is a rift between contemporary business and human wellness that is an open wound needing more than just a band-aid.

I’m Kraig, wellness advocate and outdoor guide for your inner journey. The lessons in My Biz Guide are some of the things I’ve learned that have helped me heal that wound. Hopefully, this will help others heal as well and put our species on the long road back to Wellness.  LET’S START HEALING!

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Energy is our first commerce. Everything trades energy. It’s a fundamental understanding of life as we know it. Words, like energy, are exchanged as reflections of ideas and concepts—which is a key hallmark of humanity. Trade, whether energetic exchange or exchange of physical goods, facilitates such fundamentals of our development (FOOD) as communication, teamwork, leadership, process development, bridging of cultures, and understanding value. This “FOOD” represents a massive value to our species that is represented in our inner drive to engage in trade. Can you feel it?

That understanding is the first key to healing our relationship with the thing we call “business”.

Next, understanding that if we grow into “intentional/mindful” mode, we essentially look at ourselves, and every part of ourselves with the critical eye for detail found in contemporary business- and that’s The Business Of Being Human. But consciously acknowledging that something makes sense is just the beginning. The real Path Of Wellness grows with the  action items attached to our understanding. So, if you’re tired of “Life’s Challenges” continually sweeping you downstream as you flail away hoping to land somewhere -or anywhere (…or maybe even if it’s not even quite that bad lol) BE INTENTIONAL and keep reading, browse around the site, or join the next workshop! 

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If you feel affected by or susceptible to “corporate burnout”? Or perhaps you feel hurt or threatened by “business as usual”? Even if you don’t consider yourself a “Business Person,” THIS SITE IS FOR YOU!

Or maybe you think you’re not affected by contemporary business at all. Well, think again! The Business of Being Human is not just for “business people.” It’s for everyone in contemporary society who wants to grow out of the struggle and into the thrive. THIS SITE IS FOR YOU!

The personal development/wellness journey is a healthy and fun challenge. But it is a challenge. It’s supposed to be a challenge. Challenge is Nature’s way of growing us. So, we recognize this natural process, embrace it, and intentionally grow systems of wellness into our daily lives. Real wellness can’t be commoditized or subjugated—it is truly foundational and EVERYTHING else is a derivative of that.

Most people aren’t reaching the level of wellness they’re capable of because they don’t understand the fundamentals of Nature and our Natural environment and how these things affect our personal development.

By understanding a few key elements of Nature, Value, and the role of Trade in our species development, we can grow comprehensive, yet sound and simple, systems of wellness into our daily lives.

To grow in these systems, we have to give personal wellness the same daily effort and attention that goes into our “other business.” With time and attention, we can grow sustainable and engaging processes that contribute exponentially to our personal development, and to our continued development as a species -THE BUSINESS OF BEING HUMAN!

You're the CEO of yourself - embrace it.

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