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– Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021


Separate yourself from “the money drain.” BUT WAIT! Money is not “bad” in and of itself. That’s not what we’re saying. (RULE #1—No blaming inanimate objects for our problems!) Money and the use of manufactured currency is a viable place-holding system for value. Especially today, it is much more efficient to carry some bills or plastic instead of 50 lbs. of dried salmon. Plus, if someone already has dried salmon, then what would you trade them? The truth is, we could use dog crap for a value placeholder system too, if we wanted to (though that would obviously be less efficient and, unfortunately, some idiots would probably start overfeeding dogs in order to enrich themselves, but I digress…). The point of a value placeholder system is that we agree we have done something of value for someone else and a simple marker is sufficient to prove that. It’s really kind of a big agreement that it simply represents value because the catch is that is doesn’t actually hold much value in itself. So, when a person focuses their mental and spiritual sights on a value placeholder instead of on something of actual value, they are wasting the true resources of their life. Get it? Value is inherent in things we need, like water, food, shelter, goods, and services. But it is not inherent in the markers we use (coins, bills, cards, digital ledgers) to indicate we have provided value to someone and, in turn, they have given us a placeholder to prove it. Essentially, it is the difference between focusing all your energy on the advertisement for the car versus on the actual car itself. By making a clear distinction between ACTUAL VALUE and VALUE PLACEHOLDERS and orienting your mindset toward providing real value, you can help clear your PATH. – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 3/12/19


Processes are natural mental structures in the human mind. Much like how all animals relate to physical structure (trees, rocks, houses, etc.), natural processes provide the solid foundation our psyche seeks. The logic mind mistranslates the need for structure as the need for “facts”; it seeks “facts” in an effort to find security. But the truth is that when it comes to providing mental structure and security, nothing labeled as “fact” stacks up again the processes that would reveal those “facts.” This is why building a healthy thought process is the first step to finding a solid solution to any challenge. – Kraig Smyth © MyBizGuide 2021 1/7/17

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